Swimming – now and then

I found some stuff on my old blog. It’s eerily familiar.  Have good intentions.  Follow through on them for a while.  Then give up on them.  But interspersed with that is a lot of success and enjoyment.  That’s something that is missing for the moment.

But saying that I went for a swim yesterday and did another pyramid, 100m -> 600m -> 100m @moderate.  I will admit that there was a skinny quick bloke in the lane and the first 300m in the pyramid I comfortably drafted him.  But otherwise, it was all my own work.

Moving time was 1:03:15 for the 3,600m, with total time 1:05:51 (so pretty honest bearing in mind there were four people in my lane at times).  That’s quicker than the moderate one I did a few weeks ago (1:04:32 moving time).

Looking at my old times, I did 3,800m continuous in 1:04, with the last 1,100m averaging 1:39.5.  A big difference.  That was in 2007 though and I had practiced a lot more.   If I keep practicing, then I think that I can realistically get back to those times.

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