End of week 7

Wow.  That ws a fantastically bad week.  A few things contributed.  Brecon had just been spayed and so needed constant attention to ensure she did not jump on things, she did not fight the others, had her wound protected, could not run about unside.  So it was very much shift-work looking after her.  Plus I had to go to London a few times.  Also, a was very demoralised and didn’t look to do something.

  • Swim: none
  • Bike: 42 minutes (preparing a work presentation and so even easier than easy)
  • Run: none

I did not 16 press-ups.  Which is better than expected.  At my last medical I did 30 though so I am well away from that.

We’ve had another round of snow.  Not as much as a couple of weeks ago, probably around 6cm on Saturday and another 4cm or so on Sunday.  Driving the first mile to the station this morning was a little tense, but after that not too bad.

This week I still feel very demoralised, although Brecon’s second post-op check-up on Sunday said she was fine.  So she can now carry on doing what a cocker spaniel is supposed to do.  On Friday we go away to Wales so this week will be a thin week too.

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