End of week 5

A better week than before:

  • Swim: 2 swims, 2:01.  Including a lot of 50s with Ashley
  • Bike: 5 sessions, 3:19.  I had a go at VirtuGo.  First time was fine.  Second go had some sort of error.
  • Run: 4 runs for 1:02.  Wow.  That’s got to be shortest average run every.  One was just seven minutes outside running in the snow, while snowing.  But running through snow drifts really made my lack of fitness very uncomfortable so called it a day quite quickly.

So that’s 6:24 this week (55 mins per day average).

No diet pepsi for two weeks now.  Still tired and thirsty all the time.  Eating still very bad.

Week 6 is going to be all about the swim.  My theory is that I can get better quite quickly if I swim a lot.  Then after that I can reduce the swim volume a bit but still retain some of the benefits that I’ve gained.  Let’s see how that goes…

I also want to increase my volume to over an hour a day on average and not care about the intensity.

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