End of third week

Not a pretty week.  Thursday I worked at home but did no exercise.  Saturday morning I was full of motivation.  But a couple of hours later I had thrown my toys out of the pram and really didn’t want to do anything.  And so I did no more.  And Sunday I did nothing too.

  • Swim: 2,000m.  One session, and that was alright.  A bit of moderate in there.  I’ve even taken some of the swim times to use to create graph of my swim times.  Too much of a love for numbers
  • Bike: 3 hours 56 mins indoors.  All easy.  Six sessions in total.  Again, good for getting on the bike.  No intensity though.
  • Run: 20 mins.  All easy.  A single sessions.  Way less than I wanted to do.  Something needs to change.

But there is no sign of it changing so far on Monday morning. I laid awake from 3am for a couple of hours, I got up having decided not to exercise.  I thought I’d go to work a bit earlier as I had stuff to do.   Turns out that the strike is over, but there are problems with the trains.  So I got an earlier one as the one I’d planned to get was cancelled (as was the following one).  And I’d be foolish to try to get on the one after that.  So, it was a bit of a scrum to get on but did manage to get a seat.  You’ve got to love commuting to London…

Goal this week: No idea.  After getting fed up on Saturday I don’t know what to do.  At least the dogs got a lot of good walks this weekend.  Although the Sunday morning one was a bit long for Sparkie.  Will have to watch that.

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