End of the first week

After the end of my first week, I’m chuffed that I’ve run every day.  Just over three hours worth.  All easy.

I’ve done 30 minutes on the bike.  And no swimming.  Less pleased about this obviously.

I’ve decided I need a plan.  But I’m not sure what it is at the moment.  I know that at some stage I want to go back to a plan that I had in 2008/09 but I’m not ready for that yet.  As I’m getting older, I also want to do some weights  / resistance type of stuff.  But I’m not sure what.

So my plan for the next week is to:

  • Keep running consistently.  If possible, every day.  No emphasis on length or anything other than an easy pace.
  • Do some more on the bike.  Ideally get some random short, slightly higher effort, intervals in.  With the current weather, not worry about riding outside.  If I don’t do slightly higher power stuff, that’s fine at the moment.
  • And not worry about swimming.  If I don’t swim next week, it doesn’t matter.
  • Not worry (and more than usual) about my bad eating habits.
  • Think about what weights / resistance I might be able to fit in.  I’m thinking a few push ups / body weight exercises and not going to the gym.
  • Find some more stuff on TV to watch while I’m on the bike.


Edit: Update on Tuesday

After a blow out, eat everything you can imagine on Monday, I’m going to:

  • Stop eating chocolate
  • Record what I eat (on myfitnesspal).

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