End of my second week

An ‘ok-ish’ week for where I am now.

I did:

  • Swim: 700m.  Eek.  I wasn’t motivated and had a train to catch, but still…
  • Bike: 3 hours 46 mins indoors.  All easy.  Seven sessions in total.  Good for getting on the bike.  No intensity though.
  • Run: 1 hour 11 mins.  All easy.  Three sessions.  Much less than I wanted to do.

So in total I did 5:13 (compared with 3:31 the week before).

Eating-wise, no major changes.

Goal this week is to focus on the bike and run still.  Not swimming.  I would like to do at least five runs and keep the bike about the same.  If I can get an interval in, just to prove I can, that would be great.

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