A program for the next two months

I struggle without a program to follow as I just prevaricate in the mornings and end up doing nothing.  So here’s my programme until the end of May


  • Basic rule is to swim on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Always get to the pool as soon as it opens.  Set an alarm for that
  • Basic sessions is a 100m -> 600m -> 100m pyramid.  So 3,600m.  Speed is not important
  • I can choose a different session if there is a reason (e.g. to swim with someone doing 30x 100m).
  • I can drop one session if I replace it with riding to work and back.
  • No planned lake swimming (but if someone else goes then I can go).


  • Three hour bike ride on Saturdays (but two hours is ok in April as I may need to build up to it).   I can swap to Sundays if the weather is looking way better than Saturday,
  • No speed or power goals in April.  It’s all about getting it done.  From May, for a 10 minute harder session every hour and the last 30 minutes harder too.
  • Monday and Thursday mornings, do 5 minute intervals on the turbo for an hour.  This can be replaced by riding to work and back.
  • Any evening I can spend time on the turbo if I want.
  • If I fancy it, I can also do any bike ride on Sunday provided I’ve already done a long run.


  • A long run on Sundays.  This should be at least an hour in April, building to 21k by the end of May.  This will be without a dog.  Speed is not important
  • Wednesday evenings, I will do a negative split treadmill session lasting 45 minutes.  This can be Tuesday or Thursday if I know I have to work late or am riding home from work.
  • Any lunch time I can go for a run.  Aiming for at least 30 minutes, and at least three lunch times per week.  Speed is not important.
  • Any evening I can run (treadmill or outside, with dog or without).


  • No planned sessions, but would be good to do once per week.

Total time?

Swim;: 3:20 or so per week

Bike: 4:00 per week, going to 5:00 in May (plus more if I can ride in)

Run: 3:15 per week, going up in May to 4:15

Total: 10:30 to 12:30 per week.

That’s a lot more than I’m doing now.

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