End of week 5

A better week than before:

  • Swim: 2 swims, 2:01.  Including a lot of 50s with Ashley
  • Bike: 5 sessions, 3:19.  I had a go at VirtuGo.  First time was fine.  Second go had some sort of error.
  • Run: 4 runs for 1:02.  Wow.  That’s got to be shortest average run every.  One was just seven minutes outside running in the snow, while snowing.  But running through snow drifts really made my lack of fitness very uncomfortable so called it a day quite quickly.

So that’s 6:24 this week (55 mins per day average).

No diet pepsi for two weeks now.  Still tired and thirsty all the time.  Eating still very bad.

Week 6 is going to be all about the swim.  My theory is that I can get better quite quickly if I swim a lot.  Then after that I can reduce the swim volume a bit but still retain some of the benefits that I’ve gained.  Let’s see how that goes…

I also want to increase my volume to over an hour a day on average and not care about the intensity.

February – 1st month

Great news.  I’ve focused for a month.  No intensity, little outside but I’ve done stuff.  More consistency and volume would have been better.  But in summary:

  • Swim: 3:47
  • Bike: 11:10
  • Run: 3:43
  • Total: 18:40 (average of 40:00 per day)

In other good news, I’ve got off diet pepsi.  So that’s nearly two weeks now.

But eating is still bad.

In March, the plan is to get some more volume.  And more running.  And now the snow is nearly gone, some more outside stuff.

Swim graph

Because I like numbers, here’s a graph of my swim times for certain distances in February.  Some of the shorter ones are all out (eek, not good) but most are moderate of easy.

End of week 4

If I thought last week was not pretty, this one was even worse.

  • Swim: 2,500m.  One session, and that was alright
  • Bike: 1 hours 45 mins indoors.  All easy.  Four sessions in total.  Again, good for getting on the bike.  No intensity though.
  • Run:  30 mins.  A single sessions.  But not easy.  I did a 5k nearly as fast as I could in 25:04.  Not fast in the slightest but something.

The great news though is that I’m still of diet coke.  That’s eight days.  No headaches now.  I’ve fallen asleep in the evenings twice now.  But still very tired.  And thirsty.

The joys of commuting

Another day without caffeine and I’m feeling a bit better.  Last night I fell asleep on the sofa so that’s definitely  a good sign.  Headaches were still there last night but not this morning.  Let’s see what happens today.

I also started my diet yesterday.  I’d put on even more weight so it’s going to take longer and I have 11.2kg to lose.

It’s a fun morning on the trains in to London.  Some issues meant that they decided not to run all the trains and so a jam packed nine carriage train stopped and asked every to get off.  So everyone got off and on to a five carriage train that turned up.  The guard of that new train has told people “don’t walk down the train looking for seats, you’ll be lucky to find floor space”.

The joys…

How fast can I run 5k?

On a treadmill?  Now? 25:03.

That was hard, but not all out.

So the good news:

  • I got on the treadmill
  • I stayed on the treadmill
  • I worked hard
  • I now have a reference point

The bad news, that would have been slightly harder than an easy run a while back.  But that was quite a while back,  up to 2013 or so?

Another change of plan

I’ve decided sleep is more important that anything else.  So I’ve gone cold turkey on the diet pepsi.  Last drink was about 8am yesterday.  Feeling less than good.  Very tired.  Quite headachy and less able to concentrate.  Those feelings will go in a few days.  But after a lot of cans per day (8?) its going to take a while.  Hopefully, it will save cash too.

End of third week

Not a pretty week.  Thursday I worked at home but did no exercise.  Saturday morning I was full of motivation.  But a couple of hours later I had thrown my toys out of the pram and really didn’t want to do anything.  And so I did no more.  And Sunday I did nothing too.

  • Swim: 2,000m.  One session, and that was alright.  A bit of moderate in there.  I’ve even taken some of the swim times to use to create graph of my swim times.  Too much of a love for numbers
  • Bike: 3 hours 56 mins indoors.  All easy.  Six sessions in total.  Again, good for getting on the bike.  No intensity though.
  • Run: 20 mins.  All easy.  A single sessions.  Way less than I wanted to do.  Something needs to change.

But there is no sign of it changing so far on Monday morning. I laid awake from 3am for a couple of hours, I got up having decided not to exercise.  I thought I’d go to work a bit earlier as I had stuff to do.   Turns out that the strike is over, but there are problems with the trains.  So I got an earlier one as the one I’d planned to get was cancelled (as was the following one).  And I’d be foolish to try to get on the one after that.  So, it was a bit of a scrum to get on but did manage to get a seat.  You’ve got to love commuting to London…

Goal this week: No idea.  After getting fed up on Saturday I don’t know what to do.  At least the dogs got a lot of good walks this weekend.  Although the Sunday morning one was a bit long for Sparkie.  Will have to watch that.

Now to lose some weight

10.5kg.  Precisely.  I think I can average 0.7kg per week.  So that’s 15 weeks and so the 2nd of June.


East less stuff with sugar and with grains in.  But not too little as I want to be able to keep exercising.  I also want to increase my exercise volume gradually over the next few weeks.  But it’s what I eat that will matter most.

End of my second week

An ‘ok-ish’ week for where I am now.

I did:

  • Swim: 700m.  Eek.  I wasn’t motivated and had a train to catch, but still…
  • Bike: 3 hours 46 mins indoors.  All easy.  Seven sessions in total.  Good for getting on the bike.  No intensity though.
  • Run: 1 hour 11 mins.  All easy.  Three sessions.  Much less than I wanted to do.

So in total I did 5:13 (compared with 3:31 the week before).

Eating-wise, no major changes.

Goal this week is to focus on the bike and run still.  Not swimming.  I would like to do at least five runs and keep the bike about the same.  If I can get an interval in, just to prove I can, that would be great.